Kathryn Kates

Actress: 1948-2022

Kathryn Kates enjoyed a many decades long career as an actor in film, television, and theater. Her gift for comedy was applauded early on through her now-iconic role as the babka lady on Seinfeld, and continued through the years, as she made us laugh in roles such as Larry’s hovering, soup-wielding mom on Orange is The New Black, and in hilarious moments in commercials playing the nutty teacher for Snickers, a helicopter mom for Honda and more. But Kathryn’s comedic flair was counterbalanced by her gift for conveying poignance with few words.With gestures and eloquent eyes she gave us the silently grieving mother on Shades of Blue with Ray Liotta, the grandmother in The Last Seder, the laundry owner in Welcome to Sarajevo and most recently with Al Pacino on Hunters. But as Kathryn herself would tell us if she were here, while all her acting work was rewarding, lucrative and fun, she will be best remembered for her most important roles as friend, sister, Godmother and most of all as Aunt Kitty.

Kathryn Kates


Kathryn Kates

Kathryn was an American actress from New York City. She is probably best known for her recurring role on Seinfeld in the iconic episodes "The Marble Rye" and "The Dinner Party" (The Babka episode). Kathryn was active in the New York theater scene and was often featured in commercials, films, cable & television series and off and off-off Broadway theater productions.Kathryn began her career in Los Angeles in 1974. She was one of 25 actors who became Founding Members of The Colony Theatre at The Studio Theatre in Los Angeles. Under Kathryn's and Barbara Beckly's management, The Colony became an award-winning, nationally recognized theatre producing many L.A. Drama Critics’ Circle award-winning productions. Kathryn appeared in many like The Grapes Of Wrath, Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles, The Lady's not for Burning and many others. Kathryn has the distinction of being the only actress to ever play opposite John Larroquette as his mother, lover, and wife. The Colony Theater has been listed in the Encyclopædia Britannica Almanac as one of “25 Notable US Theater Companies.”Kathryn later continued her career in New York City appearing in dozens of Off and Off Off Broadway productions. She toured Europe (Bucharest, Sibiu, and Stockholm) with Saviana Stanescu's Waxing West, and worked in some of New York's most iconic venues, such as The Public, La Mama, Urban Stages, The Soho Playhouse, The Cherry Lane, and many on Theatre Row.Kathryn had recurring roles in many Network and Cable TV series like Orange Is the New Black, Lizzy McGuire, Law and Order, Gun Hill, Tyne Daly's Judging Amy, Hunters with Al Pacino and many more. Kathryn also worked in film in Lola Versus starring Greta Gerwig & Bill Pullman, Jinxed opposite Bette Midler, The Story of Beatrice with Carol Burnett and others.

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